Enterprise Content Management


Enterprise content management plays very important role in improving organizations efficiency, margins and responsiveness. ECM provides platform to share files, document and other important information between you and your business partner with unified user interface. With the help of workflow, organization can automate the business process to coordinate tasks between different people and synchronize data between different departments and systems. Whenever and wherever it is needed, the goal of ECM is to find, manage and archive information quickly and securely.

We offer our services on the leading enterprise portal, Liferay. ByteParity specialize in identifying key requirement to implement enterprise portal. To compete in today’s rapidly changing environment needs cost effective, reliable and highly collaborative solution that should be integrated with organizations legacy system. Liferay makes integration very easy by having single presentation layer to integrate it with old data with different methodology. We have rich experience of working with different client across industries. Our rich exposure in implementing Liferay portal solution, migration, integration, consulting and performance tuning gives a winning edge to our clients.


  • Dashboard
  • Improved information sharing
  • Reduce processing time
  • Efficient searching for relevant information
  • Efficient workflows

  • Structuring company knowledge base
  • Decrease the time spent on data security
  • Statistics
  • Compliance guidelines and policies

Our Working Process

It matters, how you do things.



We engage & interview business stackholders to get absolute clarity on business goals or problem statements.

Design & Plan


We design and plan apt solution architecture towards achieving business goals or requirements.

Develop & Test


Our team excels to develop designed solution as per the laid out plan. Iterative quality control checks around developed solution.



We will deploy the developed solution to private infrastructure or cloud of your choice.

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