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native mobile application development

We are all aware of the fact that the world is going on an exceptionally fast rate and so is being mobile, as everyone wants to do things while on the move, with no time being wasted. Using mobile applications for shopping, socializing, searching information, entertainment and communicating are a few things that people do. As a business owner, you must be well aware that your customer base and partners make up a large number of this mobile movement. Therefore, one of the best ways to reach across to people in these times is through mobile application development.

Some facts which will make your belief in going mobile all the more solid are as follows:

  • Smart phone owners are known to spend around 85% of their time on mobile on various applications.
  • People that have started browsing the net through mobile phones have increased drastically. In the last five years it has increased by 750 million people.
  • Until the year 2015, the mobile only users have crossed 788 million.
  • 60% of the total time that people use the phone is spent mostly on gaming and social media applications.
  • App based advertising is the “in” thing, as it makes way for 30% of the total revenue generated through mobiles.

If you are keen to join the fact pacing world and keep up with it, ByteParity are here to deal with all your mobile application development needs. We are highly experienced and our talented developers have an impressive portfolio that speaks for itself, when it comes to the quality and standards of work. We are your one stop destination for various mobile related works and the broad range of services that we offer are as follows:

  • Mobile application development
  • Mobile application designing
  • Mobile application strategy
  • Mobile application marketing
  • Mobile application support and maintenance
  • Mobile application porting

iOS Application Development

Apple has a very loyal, wide and enthusiastic consumer base all over the world. Apple iPhone and iPad users are in large numbers and are great app users, which is the reason the apple app store is always busy with new applications being introduced every now and then. There have been many useful, interesting and innovative applications which have been developed by using the iOS platform. Hence, iOS developed application is a great way for you to be out there in the market as a front runner in order to generate revenue through the applications for various purposes. Not only that but recently there have been applications which are being churned out for Apple’s wearable techs, such as the Apple watch.

If you have any unique ideas that have been going through your mind and would like to come up with competitive iOS applications, ByteParity is the answer to your needs. Our main purpose is to leverage on the iOS platform, along with our technical expertise to bring out the best possible applications in to the market.

We do everything to give our clients the best we can as we try to understand their requirements by closely connecting with them, so nothing goes amiss. We make sure that we do the much needed research and utilize the best development tools in the most effective manner possible. We try and collaborate the reusable interfaces effortlessly, so that we can give users the best experience. We take in to consideration the time frames and the budget constraints of our clients with utmost maturity, so that a proper solution can be reached. We aim to add more value to each application that is developed by us to come up with the best layouts and features. Moreover, we strictly stick to the rules and regulations set by Apple, when it comes to using their platform for development purposes.

Android Application Development

Android applications are probably the most sought after applications with a wide reach today, thanks to market and companies which are coming up with smart phones using this platform. It is always on the verge of updating further, making it versatile and user friendly. It is also flexible, which is why it is the choice of many people. Android applications may seem easy to develop, but the truth is at times they can be very tricky, if not dealt with properly. You would need an expert team who would be well versed with all the technologies and technicalities that are involved when developing an android application. The android developers at ByteParity have vast market knowledge and the updated expertise in developing android applications.

We are confident of our core development team and would not let you down in the sea full of android applications everywhere, when it comes to quality and standards of work. We are here to make your app stand out from the rest of the normal ones that are out every second. Due to the fact that we have such experienced team for developing the applications, that have great work behind them, we are able to understand the user requirements to a great extent.

Our technical experts ensure that they understand the frameworks before utilizing it effectively in developing the app. It is important to make sure that the apps being developed are consistent and perform well across all the android devices around the world. We tend to go right in to even the minutest of the details in order to create a unique experience for the users. We also understand that it is necessary to differentiate the regular java architecture to the more sophisticated ones so that quality is maintained. ByteParity churns out applications quickly and within deadlines, along with making certain that the app goes through various testing phases before it is out in the app store. We believe that if we are truly efficient, we excel at whatever we do.

Backend solutions for mobile

In these changing times, it is important that there are always options available for you when you need to transfer from the traditional setting to a mobile one.  API (application programming interface) can be generated when you start building your application. This has a lot of advantages as it is apt for those businesses that are planning on targeting various platforms at the same time, iOS, Android and more. This is known as the API backend solution and we at ByteParity help you in doing so, along with our highly efficient mobile application development. We believe in giving you an experience as a whole by understanding, not only your present needs, but also future ones.

This saves a lot of time as well, as there is no need for going through the entire process of developing the app again and again for each platform available. All you need to understand is that the when API s developed, the basic framework of the app will remain the same and we will remodel and alter it based on each platform accordingly to meet your needs. The advantages of this include:

  • Saves a lot of cost, making it more controlled, as you do not have to pay separately more for each application development.
  • It ensures that the performance is more consistent and efficient across all platforms
  • Saves a lot of time in development as well as marketing.

ByteParity offers customized backend solutions based on your requirements. Our skilled and master developers would ensure you get the best possible outcome. The API’s that we develop are done keeping in mind the various changes in the market, hence making sure high performance is achieved. We also provide any kind of support, be it at the backend or at the security level, around the clock. We collaborate with other cloud services and also integrate with platforms such as Oracle and SAP, whenever possible so that you have a wider reach in exhibiting your app.  Moreover, flexibility is maintained so that they fit right in to your goals, be it short or long, along with keeping your data and networks under tight security at all times. We take pride in thoughtfully selecting specific kits to come up with server side solutions by using various practices.

With all this said, if you are looking for an enriching and wholesome mobile solutions based on your needs, we are just a call or a message away. What are you waiting for?

Our Working Process

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We engage & interview business stackholders to get absolute clarity on business goals or problem statements.

Design & Plan


We design and plan apt solution architecture towards achieving business goals or requirements.

Develop & Test


Our team excels to develop designed solution as per the laid out plan. Iterative quality control checks around developed solution.



We will deploy the developed solution to private infrastructure or cloud of your choice.

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